Benches and House Signs

hand carved Oak bench By Mike Davies mdeuBench at Brecon Mountain Centre

I am now producing hand crafted oak benches to complement the carved signs that I produce. Made to order and carved with the clients’ inscription there are multiple uses for such a unique product. From way markers in country parks to a commemorative or memorial bench in a more secluded spot.

Every item that I produce is individually designed in consultation with the client, is unique and can be tailored to budgetary constraints. Also as a skilled hand hewer I can utilise the clients own timber in locations which are remote and inaccessible to machinery, this allows me to prepare and carve work in situ. All the carving that I undertake is hand cut in the traditional manner using chisels. The actual carving however is only part of the process. As each piece, whether a house sign or bench is individually designed more time is often spent on the design and layout as on the actual carving. This is a crucial part of the process for a successful outcome. When designing I take into account the location and the purpose of the project. If the client requires, I can match overall design to architectural features.


Bench Design Process

The design criteria that I set myself was to create a bench that facilitated letter and relief carving, be maintenance free, vandal resistant, long lasting and extremely versatile. I also wanted to combine these attributes to produce a stand-alone product with simple and pleasing lines that excelled in its own right.

large hand cut dovetail joint in Oak by Mike Davies mdeuHand cut dovetail joint.


I achieved these goals by embodying the principles of minimalism with the precepts of the Arts and Crafts movement; the resulting synergy produced a product with simple lines and an eye pleasing form that is functional and well constructed. Although principally designed for outdoor use the benches would grace any outdoor or indoor location.

The design allows for adaptation and can be incorporated into signposts, limited access and vehicle barriers whilst still retaining the hand cut dovetail joint for stability and strength. By designing and carrying out all aspects of production from timber selection to finishing, I can guarantee the integrity and quality of each individual piece.